Plankeye Peggy

by Plankeye Peggy



released January 1, 2014

Danny Tetrault: Vocals, keys, and guitars.
Brian Grasso: Bass and vocals.
Dave Gilbert: Guitars.
Jon Lauterer: Drums.



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Plankeye Peggy Asheville, North Carolina

Plankeye Peggy may have a delirious affect on your prognosis. Wired for rock, this Asheville based band blends rhythms of flesh and dirt, bleeding out varied song forms with tightly, thoroughly-composed performance pieces. High strung and spasmatic, Plankeye Peggy songs seem at once desperate and preening, flirtatious and dangerous. Their revolving carousel of sounds will draw you in. ... more

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Track Name: Chicken Stock
I’m finding myself stuck deep in my shoes too tight for me today
To compensate for the squishing sounds when my feet just won’t delay.
I’m tripping and I’m tumbling upon my thoughts that point towards you.
Fore singing them out too soon may be a hasty thing to do.

I let my fingers do a little dance on top the plastic keys displayed with letters.
Picking up scraps and bits of that, trying to be light as a feather
Look at this. I found you crouching with your hair down over your shoulders.
You stand up with your eyes a-blaze. Acting out over all the others.

A mystery like this should be cracked open like an egg whether poached or fried.
You never know what you’ll find looking through the glass from the other side.
Feeling all the froggies jump, as the butterflies fly up and down. What am I doing here? Wishing I could smell your hair.
Just to be close to you. I can’t stop calling you. Oh! to be insane.

It may seem a bit suspicious, me carrying on this way.
It’s the only way to cool my engines down and get me through the day.

A trip like this can break you, or make you find reward or despair.
Either way it’s what I want, so I’ll just throw it up in the air.
Let the pieces fall on my body. Let their placement show the way.
To what in me needs tinkering with and what can be thrown away.

Look at this. I found a nice display. A mirror image once was lost.
Shrunken down from past delusions, tightly wrapped up in a box.
Poking inside I find myself as if locked in time and space
Finally spreading out, far beyond my body, to put a smile on your face.
Track Name: Glass Box
Not a day goes by where you don’t pass through my brain.
Even though I let it go, it lingers on the same.
Now I find new places to go. It’s time to put you in your place.

I never let myself see the coldness in your grace.
From what I thought was mystical just couldn’t fill my space.
You try so hard to appear composed. Try to follow where the wind blows.
Where it’ll take you, you might never know till open up your little birdie cage.

I tried to let you out. Tried to show you how to let go.
As you push me out of your house, your glass box is where you stand alone.

Now I remember as your picture fades away.
The storm has turned and pushed on the other way.
Taking with it the hot and cold. Bitter extractions from my story told.
Through my tears, the tale’s been sold out to the next one who drowns in your wake.

I tried to let you out. Tried to show you how to let go.
As you push me out of your house, your glass box is where you stand alone.
As you push me out of your house, your glass box is where you stand alone alone, alone alone
alone alone...
Track Name: Lady Pirate
Something rolls inside my head. Lonely cries have far been spent.
Beyond the rocky hills I went to crumble at your feet.
One more time I'll run to you. Scream out some dirty things to you.
Then we'll see what you can do while crashing into me.
Take it all from me. It all comes free.
Sweet as honey, you melt all over me...
Now I feel you in my veins. Boiling blood running up your face.
Passed to me through our embrace. Howling at the night.
Skin is crawling up my back, chasing up from your lips last attack.
Bending all 'round me like that, calling my teeth out to strike.
Your body is telling me that it's alright.
Turn your head aside so I can bite....
Don't fall asleep now.
There's still one more thing that I want to show you.
Take a peek inside.
Take a look behind my eyes to where I explore you.
Track Name: Lobster Boy
I see how the light can grow dim, even when I am am wide open.
The haze will dry thinner than the pinhole we try to stuff ourselves in.
Even though we try harder to save ourselves from angels hiding under our skin.
We will never win. Never ever really win. Nothing you can say can ever bring it back again.
Twisting up and feeling cracked bones. Practicing at building muscle tone.
Un-capped pig-tailed wires shock me out of existence.
Begging for assistance to keep my head above the water that pulls me in-
to a passing whim. Wind blows my wings down, holding them in.
Legs locked as in a dream. Ones you can't even scream
out above the darkness. Waking up is not an option.
When laying beside the beast who bites my head off just because I am standing
Don't run away.
These hands are not my own.
My hands across your face.
You won't be torn.
From these hands I was born!